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Gene Walls

Gene Walls

Williamsport, PA


I was born in the wild hills of West Virginia, raised in western Maryland and currently live in north central Pennsylvania, USA. My higher education includes Theological Studies, Electronics Engineering, Audio Engineering and Visual Arts. I taught a Media course at Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn State Affiliate). Photography has been an integral part of my life since the mid 1960's.

Capturing the beauty and complexity of nature is my main interest, from macro close-ups to wide vistas views ...and everything in between. Natural waterfalls are the most frequent photographic subjects found at the business end of my lens. Historic Covered Bridges and farmland scenes are also very close to my heart, but any visually interesting subject could be added to my ever-expanding portfolio.

I have a special interest in long-term photography projects, like my recently completed Gallery titled “The Waterfalls of Ricketts Glen, In Every Season”. I have captured every one of the named waterfalls in Ricketts Glen State Park, to show how different they appear in each of the four seasons in Pennsylvania. It required many visits over several years to record acceptable images that represent each season’s unique view of every waterfall in the glen.

Other similar projects include “The Forgotten Farmhouse” and "Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania".

I do hope you will enjoy my photographs …and allow the images to transport you to all of the places that I love the most. Great care has been taken to insure that these images will look wonderful in your home or as unique greeting cards. Your purchases of my work are always very deeply appreciated.


Stairway Into the Light by Gene Walls


Early Autumn Morning Below Ozone Falls by Gene Walls


Sunrise Flight by Gene Walls


Catching The Gentle Dawn Breeze by Gene Walls


Neighborhood Fireworks by Gene Walls


Eye To Eye With A Wide - Eyed Fawn by Gene Walls


Winter Ice Remains at Dutchman Falls by Gene Walls


The Top of Dutchman Falls by Gene Walls


Big Falls in September Rain by Gene Walls


Fresh Snow Falling On Delaware Falls by Gene Walls


Snowstorm At Ganoga by Gene Walls


Autumn Reflection At The Top of Adams Falls by Gene Walls


It Feels Like Fall At Onondaga Falls by Gene Walls


F. L. Ricketts After October Rain by Gene Walls


First October Morning Light On Shawnee Falls by Gene Walls


Huron Falls Is Rejuvinated In October by Gene Walls


Gazing Up At Ozone Falls In Autumn by Gene Walls


R. B. Ricketts in the Changing Forest by Gene Walls


October Stop At Aaron's Cascade by Gene Walls


B. Reynolds Falls Under Turning Leaves by Gene Walls


Seasons Changing At Wyandot Falls by Gene Walls


Watching The Waters Meet by Gene Walls


Harrison Wright's Fall Transition Begins by Gene Walls


Sheldon Reynolds Is Trying To Hang On To Summer by Gene Walls


Rocktober by Gene Walls


Fall Leaves Meet Waters Meet Point by Gene Walls


A Touch of Autumn at Erie Falls by Gene Walls


Tuscarora Under Newfallen Leaves by Gene Walls


Conestoga In Autumn Shade by Gene Walls


Mohican Falls Framed By Autumn Splendor by Gene Walls


Fallen Leaves On The Nameless Waterfall by Gene Walls


Below The Seneca Pass by Gene Walls


Seneca Falls Rolling Into Fall by Gene Walls


Ganoga Decorated With Gold by Gene Walls


Fall Leaves Embellish Cayuga Falls by Gene Walls


Green Turns To Gold at Adams Falls by Gene Walls


Adams Dressed In Summer Green by Gene Walls


Climbing Adams Falls by Gene Walls


Mohawk In Summer Shade by Gene Walls


June Solstice Under Oneida by Gene Walls


Mohican's Upper Tier by Gene Walls


All Of Mohican Falls In June by Gene Walls


June Greenery Surrounds Cayuga Falls by Gene Walls


Ganoga Falls As Summer Arrives by Gene Walls


Big Summertime View of Delaware Falls by Gene Walls


Conestoga Falls From The Top by Gene Walls


Split Summer Flow Over Tuscarora's Ledge by Gene Walls


Erie Falls Summer Perfection by Gene Walls